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Instructions: The "About Us" page:

Content and format will vary according to type of business: Company, Corporation, Law Office, Professional Office, N.G.O., Club, Restaurant, Store, Coffee Shop, Etc.


The "About Us" page should contain the Mission & Vision of the organization & its full office address.


Contact us for advice on site content and layout, or for either a Check-List (itemized content) or Draft web site. 


Events & Activities may be posted in this page.


It may also contain an organizational flow-chart and the names of the Directors/Officers/Board Members,


Send us an outline with the full documentation of your site, including the following:

Web site content: The specific text content that should appear specifically in each of the web pages of a site. Send us content about your company or business.

Style, colors & layout of the site

Graphics: All pictures & logo to be posted in your site with specification of the page/s. Kindly send all graphics/pictures in either .jpg or .gif formats & of low MB.

The organization's full data - Confidentiality will be observed on your data.

Affordable Web Site Design & Creation

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