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Instructions: The "Home or Index" page should contain:


A determination of the goals of the web site: Are you trying to sell something or do you just want to furnish information?


How do you want to be perceived and how do you differentiate yourself from your competitors? What do you like or dislike about the content of their sites?


Profiling of the typical web user you try to appeal to - The web is all about the user: "It's not's them!": What is the primary reason for using your site? What should they expect to get from your site?


Contact us for advice on site content and layout, or for either a Check-List (itemized content) or Draft web site. 


Webs2Go Terms & Conditions:

All client communication is via e-mail. Upon payment, please contact us and send via e-mail the full documentation of your new website, which is composed of the following:


Website Content - All text content must be sent by email (attachment) either as Acrobat ( .pdf) files or MS word ( .doc) file formats. Kindly specify the specific content of each web page: Home page, About Us page, Newsletter/Products & Services page &  Contact Us page.


Graphics (Pictures & Logo) - All graphics must be in either .jpg or .gif formats. Specify the page location for every picture or graphics you e-mail us.


E-Mail Address/es - The e-mails that should appear in your "Contact Us" page.


If you do not understand what should appear in your website, we can advise you or send a check-list or do a draft web site for you to peruse & approve. Contact us.


Price: PHP4,500 (hosted in a free hosting service). For a personal domain name & hosting service, add PHP1,200.


This web site is best viewed at screen resolution of: 1024 x 768 pixels. If you use a lower resolution, all the site & letters will look bigger; if higher, all will look smaller.


Send us an outline with the full documentation of your site, including the following:

Web site content: The specific text content that should appear specifically in each of the web pages of a site. Send us content about your company or business.

Style, colors & layout of the site

Graphics: All pictures & logo to be posted in your site with specification of the page/s. Kindly send all graphics/pictures in either .jpg or .gif formats & of low MB.

The organization's full data - Confidentiality will be observed on your data.

Affordable Web Site Design & Creation

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