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Additional Website Components:

GUEST BOOK - Click to access a FREE guest book

CLASSIFIED ADS - Click to access a FREE Classified Ads 

BULLETIN OR MESSAGE BOARD - Ideal for members without email addresses - you can leave permanent messages without the need of an email subscription, and read your messages anytime, anywhere. You may also conduct an open forum or hold discussion meetings. An excellent "Meeting Point" for all members/clients

CHAT - Click to access a FREE Chat for your site.


Professional & Business Upgrade: A total of up to 50 pictures of products with their respective pictures and descriptions and/or extra pages for Financial Statements  - Contact us for prices & information.
More Features & Complex Web Sites: Upon instructions of the winning bidder, extra features can be added to the web site at affordable prices. Extra features can be: Online payment (e-Payment) modules, complex Bulletin Boards/Message Boards, etc. PRICE: Special components/elements vary in price according to the complexity of the component desired. Contact Us!
Maintenance: Upon submission of the web site personalized to bidder's choices, the winning bidder is responsible for site maintenence and any additionals the owner may wish to add to his/her web site. We do, however, provide maintenance at affordable monthly prices. Please contact us.

For other components: Email us!

The Communication Center and Other Components are freeware (with ads)  but are all fully functional. Cost without ads is PHP1,400 but no great difference exist in functionality between the free version and the paid for service.

Additonal Website Components: Extra & Special Web Tools

After perusing the 2 sample sites [above], you can peruse additonal components you con place in your website: Communications Center or Meeting Point [Bulletin Board & Chat], Classified Ads Section, Guest Book, Email Addresses, site maintenance, etc. - Access Additional Component!


Click on Bulletin Board & Chat to access samples! Both are fully functional.

Chat: Similar to long-distance calls - a written conversation in real-time by typing in your keyboard.






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